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As a wedding related business with a website you already understand the value and benefits your website brings you. With the internet now playing an ever increasing role in most company's marketing strategy, as well as being a preferred method for people to source local services, we would like to introduce

Your Wedding Websites are unique and individual county based directories designed as the ultimate 'one-stop' linking website to help couples planning their wedding day find the services they want....quickly and easily in just 1 click.

The main objectives of our websites are to give all our advertisers an equal opportunity of being found on the internet (usually reserved to the three or four companies listed on the first page of search engines), and to provide visitors to the site with 'The ultimate links page to the best local wedding related websites on the net '.

In Brief:
Our simple and effective websites are unique in design and functionality with proven success in other areas of business.
Visitors to the site are just one click away from viewing your banner which links directly to your own website.
ALL banners are of equal size and appear randomly on one page, thus guaranteeing impartial, unbiased advertising and ensuring EQUAL status with all your local competitors.
Each county website is divided into 20 clearly defined wedding related categories providing simple navigation for the user.
A choice of static or more eye-catching animated banners are available.
We are committed to an ongoing magazine and online marketing campaign.
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The Categories
There are twenty main categories to advertise in:

Main Wedding Websites Categories & Typical Banner Page
  • Cakes
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Flowers
  • Hair, Make Up and Beauty
  • Jewellery and Tiaras
  • Marquee Hire
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Music (Background & Ambience / Live Bands / Discos & DJs)
  • Photographers
  • Stationery
  • Transport
  • Venues
  • Venue and Table Decoration
  • Videographers
  • Wedding Attire (Bridalwear / Groomswear / Mother of the Bride/Groom)

How Does it Work?

Each county has its own website which can be navigated to directly or via a link from the parent website Brides can also visit any neighbouring county websites at any time with direct links on each homepage.

Using image based links, each county is split into 20 clearly defined wedding related categories, which in just 1 click navigates visitors to a page of banners that in turn link directly into websites of their particular interest.

Based on our market research, to ensure the simplicity of our websites any additional features that may distract the visitor have been purposely excluded with the exception of a separate 'Wedding Fairs' page where brides can find their local fairs and exhibitions throughout the year.


About Your Banner

Depending on the style, all banners cost just £5 or £7 per month .

We will design you a banner advert free of charge or you are welcome to supply your own.

Your banner would be featured in the county and category relevant to your area of business. Each time a visitor to the website opens the category containing your banner it will appear on the screen.

All banners are of EQUAL size and the system has been developed to list all banners RANDOMLY on a single page, there is no set position thus ensuring equal, impartial and unbiased advertising.


Your Wedding Websites Advertising Campaign and each individual county website has been fully optimised for search engines, taking key search words from the services offered and geographical locations.½ page advertising

We have already run a number of ½ page advertising campaigns in local and national bridal publications which will continue throughout 2011 and the foreseeable future. will also have a presence at many wedding fairs and exhibitions.

Where else can your website get that much exposure for such little investment?


Banner Options and Costs

Below are examples of both our Standard Static Banner and the more eye-catching Animated Banner.

Your Wedding Websites - Example of a static banner

Standard Banner - example

Static image
£60 per year
(just £5 per month!)

Your Wedding Websites - Example of an animated banner

Animated Banner - example

Moves between a maximum of 3 messages
£84 per year
(just £7 per month!)


Advertising Specifications

If you intend supplying us with your own advert the required banner specifictions are:

Banner size: 152 pixels wide x 86 pixels high
Maximum: 20kb
Accepted advert formats: Jpg or Gif

Ownership of any imagery used in the banners supplied is the responsibility of the person creating the banner. (or its creators HUB1000 Limited) accept no responsibility for any issues of copyright, Trademarks or Registered Trademarks.


It's easy to include your can fill out the form above and follow the simple steps, email us at


Other Advertising Options

For businesses wishing to promote their products or services in additional categories or in multiple counties we offer a sliding scale of discounts to a maximum of 50%. The adverts can be the same or different images. Please contact us at for further details.

Changing Your Advert

Adverts we have created on your behalf can be altered free of charge once in any 12 month period. There is no limit to how often you can change your advert but thereafter additional changes will be levied at the following rates each time the advert is changed to cover design, administration and processing costs:

Standard banner - £15
Animated gif banner - £25

If you are providing your own banner we will upload 2 changes in any 12 month period free of charge. There is no limit to how often you can supply us with new adverts but thereafter each additional upload will incur a £10 administration/processing fee.

Your details will not be divulged to any third parties. View our Privacy Policy | View our advertisers Terms & Conditions
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